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Dear all,

New build: ship components

Owned ships are now fully customisable and paintable: the artwork went in this week, which makes it all worthwhile:

Getting the paint job right
Getting the paint job right


Customising your ship 

Customising your ship


Trading ship components 

Trading ship components

This build is available here now (only Insider backers will have access to this link.)

Dev update: factions and embassies

Today is rather momentous: the final Sol Trader features are going in. I've spent the last week putting in the rest of the Solar System, and adding factions and embassies. Players can no longer travel freely through the system and will need to acquire visas at embassies to move beyond their home sector.

Time to go back and get a visa. 

Time to go back and get a visa.

There are four main factions in the game: Pirate, Old Federation, Outer Alliance and New Order. These factions have diplomatic relations with each other that will be different every game. Doing missions for any faction will also affect your relationship with the other factions, depending on their various foreign policies.

This has also affected the history generation: characters will now only take jobs in their own faction, unless they have a visa to travel, which they might have got through their parents' work when they were children. They are also not allowed to take certain high powered jobs outside of their birth faction.

So that's all the features in! Everything else is polish, refinement, balance and necessary infrastructure: such as allowing the player to load/save, getting Steam builds working, adding achievements, polishing the AI, ensuring you can earn the right opinions and progress correctly, various Kickstarter rewards, a Linux port, graphics and driver compatibility checks: there's plenty to do in the final few weeks!

Thanks for all your support getting me this far: the game will be release in five weeks so everything now goes into getting the game ready for launch. 

Until next time,

Chris Parsons
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